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Jennifer V. Cole

Writer and Editor
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The South's 38 Essential Restaurants

Last July I had a pulled pork plate that perfectly summarized dining in the South right now. It was at Miller Union, a convivial restaurant in Atlanta (where I live — at least, for the week or so a month when I’m not on the road). You’ll find pulled pork plates everywhere in the South, of course; on this one, devised by chef and Georgia native Steven Satterfield, the meat came heaped over a handsomely misshapen johnnycake, lacy around the edges and ideal for soaking up the pork’s juices.
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Old-Fashioned Hospitality

Across the South, historic hotels are regaining their former grandeur
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The Future Of Neighborhoods: Five Projects That Show How We'll Live

The demand for hyperlocal food is reshaping some suburban communities.
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Standout Southern Meat-and-Threes

A meat-and-three restaurant meal is the next best thing to homemade. Here are nine Southern standouts: Though few in Acadiana may refer to it as a “meat-and-three,” Antlers embodies the similar Lafayette plate-lunch tradition of a hearty midday meal of meats, rice and gravy, and two vegetables. Plus you can get a cocktail.
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The Best Biscuits in Nashville

I have fallen in love three times in my life. Once, when I was 18, with a beautiful Dutch man I met sitting by the fountains in Nice, France. Once with a man I had no business giving my heart to. And once with, of all things, the best biscuit in Nashville. The latter has been the most consistently available, doesn’t threaten my sanity, and is something I’m readily willing to share.
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The only debate that really matters: Biscuits or corn bread?

Editor’s note: Between the second and third presidential debates, the annual Southern Foodways Alliance Symposium in Oxford, Miss., on Oct. 15 featured a debate of its own, between Atlanta chef Kevin Gillespie and Birmingham-based food writer and editor Jennifer V. Cole, on the question: Which is better, biscuits or corn bread?
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Soul Food

Kimbal Musk is sowing seeds for a health revolution in Memphis
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Dock to Delicious

Seven classic seafood dishes famously anchored in their home waters get new life in the hands of the coast’s hottest chefs
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How the 50/50 Became More Than Just a Shot

Leave it to a chef-driven bar to take a shot and treat it like a mother sauce. of Raleigh’s Fox Liquor Bar, Poole’s Diner, Death & Taxes and more—had her first Ferrari shot (equal parts Fernet Branca and Campari) at a now-forgotten bar in New York and realized it was way more delicious than basic Fernet Branca.

The South's Best New Restaurants

For this year’s roster of the South’s best new restaurants, writer and eater extraordinaire Jennifer V. Cole spent over two months logging thousands of miles back and forth across the region to eat more meals than any human should comfortably or reasonably consume. fully vetted—that collectively demonstrates the ever-evolving culinary tale of a region impassioned by its food culture.
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A Ghost in the Freezer

It Was Her Corn, Made By Her Hands

Thanks to MightyVine, You Can Have Local Tomatoes, 365 Days a Year

Gary Lazarski, the CEO of MightyVine, has a few words for purists who insist that the only decent vegetables are those with their roots in soil: “The best tomatoes are grown close to home, period.”. The company’s new hydroponic farm in Rochelle, Illinois, 80 miles west of Chicago, aims to supply fresh local tomatoes to residents of the Windy City, plus Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, year-round.
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Jennifer V. Cole

Mississippi-born Jennifer V. Cole is a freelance writer and editor. Her work appears in Garden & Gun, Eater, Fast Company, Coastal Living, Travel + Leisure, Esquire, Punch, Modern Farmer, and more. She was Deputy Editor of Southern Living, where she covered the South for nearly a decade. Most recently, she has been circumnavigating the globe, nonstop since spring 2017.

Cole is co-author of Chasing the Gator with chef Issac Toups (Little, Brown; fall 2018). She launched and is Editor at Large for Bake From Scratch, a luxury consumer publication dedicated to the world of bread, pastry, and confections. It was named the Hottest New Magazine by min in 2016, among 217 contenders. She guest edited the spring 2017 issue of Gravy, the James Beard Award-winning publication of the Southern Foodways Alliance. 

After graduating with honors from Auburn University with a triple major in Economics, French, and German, she made her way to New York where she worked at TIME magazine, and subsequently as an editor for Travel + Leisure. She has climbed Mt. Kilimanjaro, ridden elephant-back through the jungles of Thailand, and sailed on gulets over the Aegean Sea. She’s generally made it her mission to eat her way around the world—she’ll try anything once. 

Cole was the founding editor and producer of the Southern Living "Biscuits & Jam" video and concert music series. She has been named an Arkansas Traveler by the Governor and Secretary of State of Arkansas and received a proclamation from the Tennessee legislature for her work in food and music. She regularly speaks at conferences and events such as Terra Vita, BevCon, Food Media South, Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, and the Southern Food Writing Conference. Her work has been recognized by min, Folio, and the Society of American Travel Writers. 

Cole speaks French, German, and Italian—and enough Spanish and Dutch to get in trouble. She takes her bourbon neat.